To be asked to participate in a festival on my own doorstep is one of my ideas of heaven. Not only do I get to do what I love to do for a living but I get to take my family along too! 

My boys listen to almost every draft of every book I write. They listen to me rehearse for each storytelling performance and reading that I do. (Sometimes this is because they happen to be at home when I am working and our house is so small they can't help overhearing! But mostly it's because I need an audience to hear myself properly!)

But the boys still ask to come to my events -  and I love it when I can say yes!

My 6 year old sits right at the front saying "Go on, mummy!" "Carry on, mummy!" "Another one, mummy!". (How can I help enjoying myself when that's happening?) My 13 year old now stands at the back trying to get whatever camera we have borrowed to work!

A few Sundays ago was one of those heavenly days. I did not have to get on a train and stay somewhere with an en-suite over night. No, I got to iron my dress in my own house and we all trooped off 20 minutes down the road to the PENfro Book Festival

This is a lovely local, busy festival all about bookish things. The cafe is yummy, there are plenty of interesting stalls, and just the right number of talks! And - as we are local - it was also full of friends and family including some special favourites like The Carningli Press
Most of my performances are far from home, and full of wonderful strangers. But it is heavenly to do a performance and see the faces of people who I stand outside the school gates with, faces of my in-laws, faces of my friends. Thank you PENfro!

10/9/2012 04:43:28 am

Mama, your books are fantiastic and excellent. I hope you get a good price for them in the shop. And I hope many people buy them. Love Noa. And as well I hope all your friends think its excellent. It's very very good your books and your storytelling. I hope that you like writing your books and reading your books and I hope you like telling stories.


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