Tomorrow I am CLOSING MY COMPUTER for TWO WHOLE WEEKS because it is the school holidays - and if I do not have time to hang out at the beach all day flying kites NOW, or swing in the hammock re-reading our favourite books NOW, or go go-cart racing, or swimming, or cycling NOW, or any of the other things that make my small boys' hearts sing then, tell me, WHEN WILL I HAVE TIME? 

So even though this website and this blog are only two days old, and I am SO IN LOVE with them both, I know they will still be here in two weeks. And in the meantime I am going to play with two lovely people who will never be almost 6 and almost 13 again. Ever!
8/3/2012 06:20:22 pm

Hi hope you have a good holiday

8/3/2012 06:33:25 pm

hi I think you are a very good story teller and i hope you have a great holiday


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