For 14 delicious days at the beginning of August my laptop stayed closed. I did no writing, and no storytelling performances.

Yet it was disconcerting during those delicious days how often my legs wandered automatically over to my desk! 

During those lazy days the rain rained a lot here in wild, wet, windy, west Wales but the sun also shone. And often both in one day. 

Because my laptop was firmly closed a lot of time was spent outside both in sunshine and in rain, and mostly at the beach. 

We walked and swam and picnicked, and kayaked and climbed, rock-pooled and paddled, and sometimes, I even got to read!
12/18/2016 09:33:48 am

I really agree with you. Technologies take too much time, we become dependent. Only unity with nature helps to recover. The beach is one of those places for me.


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